Welcome to the Smorgon Steel Group website. We will use this website to keep all our stakeholders – customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and the community – regularly informed about developments within the Group. We welcome any feedback on the site.

Smorgon Steel Group Limited is Australia’s largest vertically integrated producer of steel and the leading supplier of steel products in its key markets. The Group has grown steadily and today has three operating divisions with activities throughout Australia and a growing export business.

These are:

(1) Reinforcing & Steel Products
(2) Smorgon Steel Distribution
(3) Recycling

In addition, Smorgon Business Services was established in 2001 to provide administrative and other business services to the Group.

Smorgon Steel’s interests are in steel making, downstream steel processing and distribution, with activities ranging from the collection and processing of scrap metal through to the manufacture, marketing and distribution of a wide range of steel and steel products. These include concrete reinforcing steel, steel tube, and wire products.

Since listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in February 1999 and the acquisition of Australian National Industries Ltd (ANI) also in 1999, the company has embarked on a strategic program of further acquisitions to complement its vertically integrated structure. These acquisitions have included Metalcorp Limited in 2000 and Email Limited, jointly with OneSteel, in 2001.

Growth and strong market positions have also been achieved through capital investment. Vertical integration and market diversification limit the company’s exposure to industry-specific economic cycles and price movements in raw materials.

Smorgon Steel’s success has been achieved through the adoption of a collaborative, open and ethical internal culture. The company has an experienced and skilled management team and workforce whose commitment is reflected in its excellent industrial relations record.

Smorgon Steel also places great importance on research and product development, including sourcing technology from overseas, and is fully ISO 9002 accredited.

The company has a long history of supplying steel to Australia’s major infrastructure projects, from the Snowy Mountains hydroelectric scheme to the Sydney Olympic Stadium, and is proud of this role in the Australian economy.

Smorgon Steel is committed to producing quality products and services, providing value for customers, maximising returns for its shareholders and providing employees with rewarding careers.

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